Monday, March 29, 2010

Thinking Traps

Do you receive The Morning Nudge from Suzanne Lieurance? If not, you really ought to give careful consideration to doing so. I've been receiving my "daily nudge" for a few weeks now and have found it of great benefit. In a recent message, Suzanne talked about "thinking new thoughts." She said,

"Replace old, worn-out thoughts that are keeping you in the same spot each day with new, more productive thoughts--thoughts that will help you move ahead to get what you WANT to have in life, instead of staying right where you are."

These words were such a lightbulb for me. Sometimes what we know is not always so clear until someone puts it into words so prolifically. Suzanne offers guidance, support and help to writers of all caliber. Check out her website and get your "morning nudge!"

You can find her at:

You will be glad you did--I know I am!

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