Monday, March 22, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

Today, I woke and started the day with such enthusiasm. I had my to-do list very well in order and knew exactly what I was going to tackle first, next, and so on. Then...kaboom! The day went to hell in a hand basket.

My humidifer had a problem and had caused water in the basement on the weekend, so I had to suck up water, call the repairman and deal with him this morning. In the midst of this process, I got the first call from the school about a sick kid needing to be picked up. I got her home and organized for a nap and then had to tackle the nasty sewer smell in our house--which I started to strongly feel was contributing to the sick kids as, by this time, I had gotten a second call to pick up another of my kids in the office not feeling well. Between sick kids, the repairman, the plumber and being on the phone for hours attempting to set up a new satellite receiver (our old one crashed to the floor last week when we were preparing our house to be painted), my writing day was shot--over and over and over again!

It took a while but, per the advice of a dear friend (thank you, Donna!), I tried to stop feeling sorry for myself and just go with the interruptions. I'm hoping for much better things to come tomorrow. What do you do when life gets in your way? I'd love to hear how you re-coup.

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