Thursday, September 6, 2018


My fractured brain leads to fractured thoughts which results in fractured stories with fractured lines all strung together.  So how best to weave the lines into stories and determine which have the most merit and which darlings need to be killed? And when to pursue those ideas which are out of my typical genre?

These are the questions with which I am wrestling right now. I've had quite a few ideas though not all have been developed into a rough draft. And those that have do not all seem worth additional time at this point though often keep pulling me back for some reason. I also have a poster board of notes for a novel that has continued to draw me back intermittently and seems to be hollering at me now to dive in deeper. In order to do so, I need to figure out Scrivner as I haven't had much luck with that but think it will help me organize immensely going forward.

Either way, my thoughts seem to branch in a million directions as of late, and I'm not sure which path is best to follow at any given time.  I try to keep at least one PB WIP in the editing process (though right now there are three I am actively TRYING to finish editing) as well as develop one new rough draft a month per my 12 x 12 membership. Some months I've been successful at writing a new draft and others, not so much; however, therein lies additional fractures as I seem to be spreading myself too thin in many areas to the point I am not making much headway on some of the necessary things like reading, marketing and balancing all with home and work. I believe this is why I sometimes get drawn back to the novel and think it is time to focus on that one thing for a time. Even though my brain "fractures" are a result of good things and increased overall writing, it can sometimes hinder my progress when I get overwhelmed and don't know which to tackle first.

So, how do you figure out which ideas have merit? Which are reaching the time to let go or put on the back burner? And when it is okay to totally change stride and tackle something completely new and out of your comfort zone?

I would love to hear your advice and tips on what works for you to stay more focused and less fractured in order to be your most productive self.