Friday, February 27, 2015


I am excited to share that, after a long wait, I've just signed an artist agreement for THE LITTLE BUG (Guardian Angel Publishing).  Once the illustrator signs and returns the agreement, the next stage in the publishing process can begin.  I'm very excited to see my story come to life!

Monday, February 16, 2015

You Still Have Time...

Poetry contest deadline extended!  You still have time to submit to the Institute of Children's Literature's poetry contest as the deadline was extended to March 5.  Find the details here...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Exciting News

I am very excited to announce BEDTIME KISSES is featured in the February 2015 edition of Midwest Book Review's online review magazine, "Children's Bookwatch."  Here is the featured review...

The Counting Shelf

Bedtime Kisses
Karin Larson, author
Ginger Nielson, illustrator
4RV Publishing LLC
PO Box 6482, Edmund, OK 73083
9781940310152 $12.95

"Bedtime Kisses" is a delightful slumber-themed counting book for bedtime reading ritual and enrichment. Soft, pastel hues weave a sleepy cloud around pictures of beloved stuffed animals (plus a doll) who each receive a special number of goodnight kisses from a sleepy girl. Preparing herself for her mother's last goodnight kiss, the child gives counted kisses to each beloved toy, starting with one kiss for the croaking frog and ending with ten kisses for the night time raccoon. The sleepy, counting rhyme is hypnotic and self comforting, while the variety of toys/stuffed animals rounds a full gamut of differing presentations. One of the best features about "Bedtime Kisses" is the child begins the ritual of preparing herself for sleep upstairs alone in her room with her stuffed friends, sure of her mother's last treasured good night kiss to come. "Bedtime Kisses" will be a treasured bedtime experience shared between sleepy children and happy parents.
If you would like to read it on The Counting Shelf at Midwest Book Review's site, here is the link: