Monday, September 17, 2012


I received the following in an email this morning.  I am unsure who originally said it, and there was not a direct reference to anyone; however, it really hit home.  I had been laying in bed this morning trying to organize my brain and figure out what needed to be accomplished as I have a lot of meetings and things to do today--which I dislike on a Monday as it seems to be a great day to get back into the writing groove after a busy weekend with kids home all day and various sporting events.  So, I was getting a little irritated about my day and then saw this in an email and had to chuckle.  I thought I'd share it in case any of you started your day today in similar fashion.

So far today I’ve done all right.  I haven’t gossiped, I haven’t lost my temper, I haven’t criticized or moaned.  I haven’t been snappy, grumpy, nasty, selfish or over indulgent.  I’m very thankful for that.  But in a few minutes, I’m going to get out of bed.  And from then on I’m probably going to need a lot more help! 

It must have been just what I needed as the start of my bad attitude changed immediately.  I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your new week as well.

Happy writing!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Children's Writer Contest

There is a new Children's Writer YA short story contest for teens, ages 13-14.  The deadline is October 31, 2012.  Click on the following link for more information: 

Good luck!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Read Widely

This morning, I was reading PAGE AFTER PAGE by Heather Sellers.  She was talking about needing to read widely as a writer.  It was like confirmation for me.  I LOVE to read, maybe even more than I love to write.  I'll read almost anything and could lounge for days in my bed with just books for company.  I've often felt badly about always wanting to read rather than do something else, something more productive.  When I read Ms. Sellers' words, it was like an affirmation. 

She says, "You can't get too far off track as a writer if you are reading.  In fact, I don't know any successful writers who don't read.  Writers read.  Reading completes the gesture.  Reading is what we do."

Well, there you go...couldn't have said it better myself.  I'll now feel more productive in my writing life when I am reading.  Thank you, Ms. Sellers!