Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I saw this last week one day and saved it and now can't recall where I found it, so I apologize for not being able to give credit to whomever had it posted at that time.  But, how cool is this?  The root of all goes back to reading.  We must first read, read, read in order to then write, influence and, thereby, change the world. LOVE IT!

It is so true that reading A LOT in the genre in which one writes is imperative, but reading in general, both for writing purposes and for fun, is necessary.  I love to read, always have and always will.  It truly amazes me that some don't share that same feeling, though I know many do not.  One of my kid's complained the other day about having to read for school which then started a discussion (e.g., lecture) about the awesome privilege of books, the ability to have them and read them.  The ability to lose oneself in a new world, one in which anything is possible, to be able to lounge around and do nothing more than open a book and just simply read...at which point, he started to roll his eyes and look at me like I had two heads:).  He thought I was totally bonkers when I said I'd love nothing more than a free week of hours on end to read, read and read some more!

And then I saw this quote and bam!  I started to think of it from a different perspective.  Reading is empowering? Writing to influence and change the world? Well, yes it is empowering to read.  And, yes, I do hope to influence change with my writing.  At this point, hopefully, a little girl or boy begs his or her mom or dad to read my book just one more time before bed (or at any other time during the day, for that matter).  Maybe someday, it will be an influence of another kind, for a different age range; however, the ultimate goal is the same...to affect change of some nature, in some way, big or small, in the hearts and minds of those reading my books.  I want others to WANT to read my books in the same way I love to read books myself.   I do feel empowered when I write, and, hopefully, this empowerment translates into a positive change for those choosing to read my work.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Review

I am excited to share Penelope Anne Cole's review of Little Bug.  Thank you for your time and effort, Penny, as well as your kind words about my book.

Without further ado...

Little Bug

by Karin Larson

Illustrated by Eugene Ruble


“Little Bug,” by Karin Larson, illustrated by Eugene Ruble, is the type of children’s book that I especially enjoy—a book about word play using opposites. In fact, I’ve got my own manuscript with opposites in it. As a concept book about opposites, “Little Bug” has just about all of them. He goes out crawling to find a friend, some food, a drink, a tunnel, a worm, a ride on a butterfly, some shade, a puddle, a tree, a flower, the ant queen, a resting place, and a house. Here’s an example of Ms. Larson’s word play with opposites at the beginning of the book:

Little Bug goes all over, under, around, and through in his journey. Poor little bug. At the end of the day, he will have to start his search all over again.
Unlike his more realistic illustrations, Eugene Ruble’s pastel artwork in this story has whimsy and silliness that would appeal to readers at the younger age range. Readers at the higher age range could make a game of writing down all the opposites--or even guessing which opposites go together. This would be a good book for teachers to showcase these opposites. Also, it’s a good book for parents and grandparents to quiz their students about opposites. “Little Bug” would make a good read aloud book as well. Recommended for ages 6 to 9.
Information on author Karin Larson is at www.karinlarson.com.
Eugene Ruble is an experienced illustrator and author for www.guardianangelpublishing.com.
Penelope Anne Cole, Award Winning Author of Magical Matthew and Magical Mea.
New:  Magical Mea Goes to School. For Halloween:  Ten Little Tricksters
Web:  http://www.penelopeannecole.com/
Blog:  http://pennyreviews-chat.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Book Review: A Delightful Magical Story

Title: Magical Mea Goes to School
Author: Penelope Anne Cole
Illustrator: Kevin Scott Collier
eBook: 32 Pages
Publisher: Magical Book Works
Published: June 29, 2015
ISBN-10: 194319601X
ISBN-13: 978-1-943196-01-2

Magical Mea Goes to School, written by Penelope Anne Cole and illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier, is a continuation of the story and engaging characters we met in Ms. Cole’s Magical Matthew and Magical Mea books. 

Mea has struggled in the past to use her magical powers for good and had to learn not to be such a trickster with her powers. Now starting 2nd grade, Mea’s brother, Matthew, his friend, Lily, and Grandma Nonie are concerned Mea won’t keep her powers “fixing things” secret and feel she needs additional training. Mea has other ideas and wants more play time so over-schedules her after school hours to avoid her “lessons.” Not that the others should be concerned. Mea shows she is perfectly capable of using her “trickster” magic for good all on her own to “save the day.”

Ms. Cole is wonderful at teaching lessons in a fun way without adult intervention and embeds important messages (“I know I helped them and that’s enough”) in a relatable and fun story kids will love.  Kevin Scott Collier’s vibrant illustrations are terrific and expressive and really bring Ms. Cole’s story and characters to life.

 Learn more or contact Penelope Anne Cole at:


Learn more about Kevin Scott Collier at:


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Review

Thank you, Donna McDine, for the first review of Little Bug.  I appreciate your time and kind words!

Title: Little Bug

Author: Karin Larson

Illustrator: Eugene Ruble

Paperback: 16 pages

Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

Published: August 28, 2015

ISBN-10: 1616336935

ISBN-13: 978-1616336936


Little Bug takes you on the adventure of persistence of finding just the right place to call home. The journey is near and far and all places in between intertwined with the need of finding comfort in the perfect setting. Not to be thwarted by the obstacles thrown his way, even though tired and a bit discouraged Little Bug continues onward. Will Little Bug give in to his exhaustion and quit or will his persistence finally pay off. Find out in children’s author, Karin Larson’s second children’s book, Little Bug.


Karin Larson’s bug adventure will stimulate the reader’s mind by wondering what will come next in the adventure of Little Bug.


Learn more about Karin Larson at:





Karin Larson’s unique story of the adventure of Little Bug is filled with obstacles as he explores the world around him for the perfect place to rest his head. Larson’s creative storytelling is the perfect opportunity to spark the imagination of our young muses through what happens next scenarios. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Guardian Angel Kids eZine

The new September 2015 issue of Guardian Angel Kids eZine is up and ready for your viewing pleasure. 

Visit here to read the latest release of this terrific magazine for kids:  http://www.guardian-angel-kids.com/

Congratulations to Lynda S. Burch and all the writers and illustrators involved!