Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've spoken before of Suzanne Lieurance and The Morning Nudge. Her daily words to inspire and motivate are a constant source of wisdom and guidance, and I strongly encourage you all to subscribe.

In today's Morning Nudge, she talks of distractions and working through them. Given the extent of all the distractions around me currently as we wrap up the school year and move into the chaos of summer, I found it particularly helpful. But the other thing she talked of this morning is something I believe many of us battle at times. It is the notion that family and friends "often just don't get it when it comes to your writing." Very well said, Suzanne! She goes on to say...

"They just don't understand how serious you are--or want to be--about your work." She talks about not letting them "pull you away from your writing" and being "nice, but firm, when it comes to family and friends" so as not to be pulled away from your writing. I think it is probably difficult to "get it" if you are not a writer and trying to make it as a writer; however, I know, for me, it can be frustrating and defeating to deal with that kind of attitude from others. How do you deal with it in your writing life?

Monday, May 10, 2010


As I sat here contemplating the state of my day and where to begin, I saw something I printed out last week and highlighted. I was feeling sorry for myself as there is so much I need to do around the house that is going to eat into my writing time today, but I can't seem to get focused enough to tackle any writing projects without first tackling the chaos around me. The dust bunnies are out of control and multiplying like guppies; sheets need to be washed; piles of laundry have accumulated from a weekend softball tournament; bags need to be unpacked from the same--you get the idea! I pulled out my pile of writing projects to work on and saw one of the motivational pieces from last week that I received as part of Suzanne Lieurance's The Morning Nudge Club titled "It's All About Focus." What I have highlighted is this..."There will ALWAYS be something that eats up your writing time if you let it." So true, so true! Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a way today to get focused on my writing without first attempting to get some organization in the chaos around me. I am going to succumb to that need in hopes of having more time to get focused on my writing the rest of the week. This is a delicate balance for writers when "work" is in the home. Some days I seem better able to put my blinders on so to speak and ignore the things that need to be done around me. Some days, I can't. I guess this is one of those. How do you manage the balance?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Writing for Children

I am currently reading Barbara Seuling's HOW TO WRITE A CHILDREN'S BOOK AND GET IT PUBLISHED which has been a great help in the writing process of my most recent WIP (a PB for young children).

It seems I am confronted every day, in one way or another, by someone who does not understand nor take the time to try to understand the process or desire to write for children. As I was flipping through the book this morning to see how much I've read and where I need to pick up now, I saw a quote from the beginning of the book I had highlighted. It reads as follows:

"You have to write whatever it is that wants to be written. And then, if it's going to be too difficult for grown-ups, you write it for children." Madeleine L' Engle

These wise words are very inspiring to me and give me hope that what we all, as children's authors, work so hard to do each and every day is not for naught. So, for any of you out there facing frustration from those not understanding your burning desire to write for children or thinking it is a piece of cake to do, take heart--we are not alone in our desire to do so and know full well the struggle, time and effort it takes to get each word just right! I, for one, celebrate you for your efforts. Keep it up!