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Title:  Alphabet Zoo
Category:  Children's Picture Book
Author:  Karin Larson
Illustrator:  C.E. Dale
Softcover ISBN:  978-1-950074-37-2
Hardcover ISBN:  978-1-950074-38-9
From letters A to Z,
furry faces are here to see.
Living in cages and ponds
or feathered friends in a tree,
explore a zoo of exciting 
animals from land, air, 
and sea.

Bedtime Kisses
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Title:  Bedtime Kisses
Category: Children’s Picture Book
Author: Karin Larson
Illustrator: Ginger Nielsen
Softcover ISBN:  978-1-940310-15-2


Mommy will be here really soon,
But first I’ll plant some kisses
On my friends around the room.

So begins a different type counting book for little ones.

Little Bug
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Title: Little Bug
Category: Children's Picture Book
Author: Karin Larson
Illustrator: Eugene Ruble
Print ISBN: 978-1-616336-93-6
eBook ISBN: 978-1-616336-94-3
Available:  Amazon and Autographed Copies


Persistence pays in the end as Little Bug crawls to find a morsel of food, a drink of water and a place to rest. He looks high and low and gets very tired and slow after trying to leap on the wing of a butterfly and catch a wiggly worm.

Teaches about concepts and prepositions.

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