Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Walking on Alligators: A Book of Meditations for Writers

I was reading a snipet in one of my favorite books today, Walking on Alligators: A Book of Meditations for Writers, by Susan Shaughnessy. If any of you are unfamiliar with this book, I highly recommend you get a copy. Each page of this handbook contains quotes and stimulating passages by a variety of writers. Each page is short and inspiring. Today, I opened the book hoping for a healthy dose of much needed inspiration and found the following quote:

"A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something." Frank Capra

The author goes on to say, "Today, I'll honor my hunches. I'll jot them down and think about them. I'll sit down to write, and see what my hunches might want to say."

Very sage advise it seems to me. Now, if I could just get all those hunches off the sticky notes and ripped pieces of paper they're adorning in a variety of locations, maybe I could shape them into something creative to share with others!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors by Margie Lawson

On the advice of a dear friend (thank you, Donna!), I ordered Margie Lawson's lecture series, Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors. Margie offered this course online, but I missed that deadline. I was able to order the lectures and download them which I would highly recommend for any of you out there struggling with self-defeating behaviors.

Margie's course is broken down into a welcome, nine lectures and a wrap-up. The course as a whole talks about numerous self-defeating behaviors--procrastination, perfectionism, time mismanagement, poor goal setting, just to name a few--and how we can deal with and conquer them in order to be best and most productive we can be. I don't want to give too much away as I think you should all consider this (very well-spent $20 for me) but did want to share just a couple tidbits of wisdom from the lectures I found particularly inspiring. "Think positively." "Set yourself up to succeed." "Get refreshing sleep." "Exercise daily." "SDB's are something we do, not something we are." "Live the life you choose today." I really can't reiterate enough what a wonderful and enlightening course Margie provides.

Margie takes you through a series of exercises and situations that lead you to try to defeat your self-defeating behaviors. She also provides author interviews at the end of each lecture which help you see and hear how other writers struggle to overcome their own self-defeating behaviors. I know both helped me considerably.

If you want to visit her website yourself or look into obtaining the lecture series yourself, go to or email Margie at