Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Final Chapter

Title: Magical Max and Magical Mickey’s Big Surprise
Author: Penelope Anne Cole
Illustrator: Kevin Scott Collier
Print & eBook: 36 Pages
Publisher: Magical Book Works (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)
Published: April 2016
ISBN-13: 978-0692660300
ISBN-10: 0692660305

Magical Max and Magical Mickey’s Big Surprise, written by Penelope Anne Cole and illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier, is the fifth and final book in Ms. Cole’s Magical series and is another terrific example of the importance of doing good for others. 

The twins, Max and Mickey, are now 9 years old and know their magic is on borrowed time.  Their siblings, Matthew and Mea, both lost their magic when their final baby tooth fell out which is looming for both Max and Mickey.  They work as often as they can on creating the perfect gift to mark the big graduation milestone for Matthew, Mea and Matthew’s best friend, Lily.  But what is the big surprise and will they finish on time?  Max and Mickey prove anything is possible with determination and persistence (even without much magic).

As always, Penelope Anne Cole shows the importance of doing good deeds for others and the satisfaction gained in doing so.  Kevin Scott Collier’s beautiful illustrations are the perfect partner to Ms. Cole’s writing, and the final result is a fun adventure that will draw readers of many ages. 

I, for one, am sad to say good bye to all of the Magical family!

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  1. This looks like a wonderful series for young readers. They not only learn a lesson, without knowing it, but have fun with the story too. Congratulations to Penelope and Kevin.

    1. It is a great series, Beverly! I am sad to see it end. Thanks for your ongoing visits and support!