Monday, October 17, 2016

The Adventure Continues

Title: Magical Max and Magical Mickey
Author: Penelope Anne Cole
Illustrator: Kevin Scott Collier
Print & eBook: 34 Pages
Publisher: Magical Book Works (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)
Published: September 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1517082000
ISBN-10: 1517082005

Magical Max and Magical Mickey, written by Penelope Anne Cole and illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier, is a very “special” chapter book for young readers ages 5-8.

The “magical” story continues in Magical Max and Magical Mickey.  Once the initial shock of a family meeting wears off, older siblings Matthew and Mea are excited to see if history continues and the new additions to the family share their magical secret and develop magic of their own.  They watch closely for signs along with Grandma Nonie, who kept their secret when Matthew and Mea developed “special” talents of their own, but worry permeates their days as they go about school and their own lives and are afraid they will miss the signs.  With Matthew in college and Mea starting Middle School, can they rely on Grandma Nonie, who is not as spry as she once was, to see the signs? Will the twins develop their own magic and, if so, will they be able to hide it from Mom and Dad as Matthew and Mea did before their magic disappeared?  Only time will tell!  Watch for a special twist at the end of the story as well.

As always, Ms. Cole sets a fine example for kids without them ever realizing she is doing so.  Her writing is relatable and exciting, and Kevin Scott Collier’s vibrant and colorful illustrations partner well with this story to create a must read book for children.

Let the adventure begin…Penelope Anne Cole does not disappoint!

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  1. Magical stories are some of my favorites. Love the idea of this one.
    Congratulations to Penelope and to Kevin. May all of the young readers have a magical adventure with the characters.