Monday, August 23, 2010


Today, my kids went back to school leaving me with more time to dedicate to my writing. I am not starting work again until tomorrow and left today to get organized here at home and write. As I was reading my daily morning meditation in WALKING ON ALLIGATORS, I realized I need to always be open to what is happening around me and stop looking at my writing time as only a definitive period of time. I get so caught up in saying I will dedicate 8-2 to writing today and then attempt to flip that writer switch off and Mommy switch back on.

Today's meditation provided a quote from Norman Mailer:

"There's no clear boundary between experience and imagination. Who knows what glimpses of reality we pick up unconsciously, telepathically."

It finishes with a terrific thought...

"Today, I'll stir my imagination and experience together, and await the extra flash of insight that this mixture attracts."

Today, and always, I am going to stay open to those ideas, thoughts and memories floating around out there in my brain and environment regardless of whether they present during my "writer time" or my "mommy time" and see what comes of it.

Here's to a new school year and a newfound dedication to time well spent in the writing realm!


  1. Remember to keep a notebook or recorder handy, so when experience & inspiration mix, you can get it down before the next thing comes along! :)

  2. That is the truth! Just the other day, I had to run my daughter somewhere and left the house without my purse. I had a notebook in my car, but the pen didn't work. Time to refresh that part of the writing basket in my car!!! Another time, I was in my husband's vehicle with no paper or pen. Very poor planning on my part as my daughter was taking her very SLOW, sweet time. I would have had a solid half hour to write had I been prepared and not run out of the house so quickly! Next time...:-)