Monday, August 30, 2010

Being a Writer

I just purchased and started reading Kelly L. Stone's LIVING WRITE: THE SECRET TO INVITING YOUR CRAFT INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE. I was on the first page when I found myself inspired and reaching for my highlighter! I went back this morning to re-read what I've highlighted thus far and felt it pertinent to share. As I sit here thinking about a few things that need to get finished around the house and my much needed exercise which I haven't gotten around to yet, her words had particular impact.

"To be a writer, you simply have to write. Just as you don't agonize over when you will have time to shower in the morning because taking a daily shower is a habit, a writer doesn't agonize over how the one page will get written because it's a habit. It's a given. It's part of the daily schedule."

I'm very much looking forward to reading this book and gaining the help I need in making writing a daily habit. How do you do it? If you feel inspired, please leave a comment about what works for you.

Happy writing and habit forming!

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