Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nurture Your Writing

For those of you that have followed my summer posts about little time and a lot of activities, you know I've made a goal of spending at least 15 minutes a day writing. Well, lately, though I've spent my alloted 15 minutes on something, it has been rather unproductive. I seem to be shuffling my to-do piles around, organizing my work area, spending time at the library, trying to catch up on some reading and A LITTLE writing here and there--all in fits and spurts. One thing I try to start each day with is a meditation from Walking on Alligators. Today, I read a passage about pruning the things in life that "create a logjam in your time." I wanted to share the final meditation with you as it helped put in perspective for me how I am thinking about all of these things that must be done but which prevent me from doing what I need and want to do--write.

"Today, I'll discard my assumptions of what I 'have to keep up with.' I'll start taking careful note of which activities are compatible with productive writing for me."

The key word here, for me, is productive. It all goes back to that elusive balance we all try to find in life. Join me in pruning the weeds and creating the beautiful flowers of our writing gardens!

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