Tuesday, October 11, 2022

A Day in the Life of a Writer


To write or not to write? To edit or not to edit? To blog or not to blog? To read or not to read? To promote or not to promote? And, above all, how to balance the degree of each and the time dedicated to any one thing in any given day?

This writing life is full of these choices in a never-ending cycle, tipping the balance of time one way or another at various points.

I don't know about you, but I tend to struggle with how to best prioritize my time in order to accomplish as much as possible on any given day, particularly when days and writing times are limited for a variety of reasons, work and life related. Sometimes I do the easier things first to check more items off my to-do list more quickly. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed and push papers around my desk and never really accomplish much of anything at all.

It seems, ultimately, the most important thing to do is to write. None of the rest really matters without something to edit, blog about, submit and/or promote. The stories drive it all, so, why then, do I seem to leave that till the end of my TTD list and then run out of time? Sometimes inspiration strikes, and I do nothing but sit and write. Other times, I spin my wheels thinking and thinking and never get anywhere. Reading a picture book I love or scrolling Instagram for inspiration can help, but time is often of the essence which can further serve to shut one's brain down ASAP.

Such is a day in the life of a writer, I guess. I'd love to hear your order for tackling your day or how you deal with being as functional as possible in the time you have. If you are open to leaving a comment, please do.

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