Thursday, October 13, 2022

5 Star Review!!

I am so excited to share the newest, and 5 Star, review for ALPHABET ZOO! Thank you, Carmen Tenorio!


Reviewed by Carmen Tenorio for Readers' Favorite

Alphabet Zoo by Karin Larson is a read-along alphabet concept book that uses the zoo to teach the alphabet to young readers. The author features a letter from A to Z along with an animal name that begins with it, together with details of a special trait or characteristic associated with the animal. Mostly written in harmonious rhyme, the book uses large fonts and shows the alphabet letters in bold uppercase, with the rest of the following words in lowercase. The book also features fun, cartoon-like, and colorful illustrations by C.E. Dale to complement the text. There is an animal trivia section at the end where questions are posed and answers are provided with fascinating facts to further broaden the reader's understanding of animals.

Alphabet Zoo is a great book, especially for beginning readers who continually need practice and reinforcement to memorize and read the alphabet. Karin Larson uses amusing and descriptive rhymes and informative sentences that characterize and differentiate one animal from another. There are usually only around two lines of words per page, which makes the material easy to read and not overwhelming. The simple yet colorful illustrations by C.E. Dale will not only appeal to this reading age group but serve as creative and memorable picture clues. The additional trivia is educational and delightful as it reveals more information about the various animals. It's a resource for learning as much as entertaining, with animated language and eye-catching drawings that will make shared or solo reading time enjoyable for kids. 


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