Monday, April 13, 2020

Picture Book Bonanza

In a world where chaos, fear and uncertainty reign supreme, sometimes you just have to lose yourself in a good picture book and revisit the wonder of childhood. As a picture book author, I do this all the time; however, I highly recommend it for everyone. It makes the heart happy!

Here is what is on my reading list for the next couple days. Some classics and some new, but all wonderful.

The Remember Balloons
Where the Wild Things Are
The Giving Tree
Goodnight Moon
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The Velveteen Rabbit
Love You Forever
Oh, The Places You'll Go!
The Kissing Hand
Neck & Neck
I Wish You More
The Rainbow Fish
The Snowy Day
Owl Moon

And, of course, my own...


  1. A great selection of picture books. I haven't read some of them. Guess I should get busy. Haven't been reading a lot lately. Been working on the tour. Back to reading soon. Stay safe, Karin.

  2. Life is about a balance for sure, and your tour takes precedence. The reading will come in due time. Stay as well, Beverly. Thank you!

  3. Terrific list of picture books. I too need to get back into reading picture books. thanks for sharing. BTW, if you are interested mail me your picture books so I may read at my Saturday mornings FB Live Story Time at 9 am EST. Email me at for mailing details. Be safe and well.

    1. What a lovely offer, Donna. Thank you so much! Be safe and healthy as well!

  4. Picture books are magical! You've got a great list there. The Places You'll Go is a popular one for graduates.

    1. Hello, Sherry, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I so agree picture books are magical. The enduring advice books such as Oh, The Places You'll Go provides to kids of all ages is a prime reason why that is so. Stay well!