Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Find a Breath of Fresh Air

"If I take the moments to walk, will you bring me a breath of fresh air? If I move to a new space for a while, will you make it interesting and help my mind break out of its patterns? If I take time to look at clouds or flowers, will you fill my creative self with a new idea or two?"

The above comes from a little prayer at the end of a chapter in the book, SIMPLE ACTS OF MOVING FORWARD:  60 SUGGESTIONS FOR GETTING UNSTUCK.
I've posted about this wonderful book in the past and continue to find it so helpful. I had been struggling with stagnant writing, lack of time throughout the holidays and just an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy as 2019 wrapped up. I know I'm not alone in this feeling, but it can still be a very "alone" mentality at times.

As 2020 dawned, StoryStorm brought new ideas and inspiration (thank you, Tara Lazar). With the start of March came Reading for Research Month, known as ReFoReMo (thank you, Carrie Charley Brown and Kirsti Call). Both have re-lit the fire within me and helped get me back on track with my writing and creativity. Today, I read more of this book and came across the chapter and prayer quoted above, and it just reiterated the importance of taking moments of self healing and care which will, in turn, create and open my mind and ability to put life in perspective which, in turn, creates a calmness and sense of relaxation that helps spur my ability to write and create. And it has helped considerably. Much needed!

What works for you? I would love to hear how you fuel the fires of creativity, especially in those trying and busy times of life.


  1. The book sounds awesome, and I love the cover. Butterflies are my favorite insects. Gorgeous. So much has been happening lately I haven't had a chance to write, and I really miss it. Trying to promote Gabe and having to do the taxes, along with having the blahs makes me sit and do nothing. Don't know where to start. This too shall pass. I just want to get back to my writing. I think it's the time of year perhaps. Sorry for being a grouch. Smile now.

    1. Oh Beverly, you are the furthest from a grouch! I so get it though...having the blahs is a perfect way to put it. That is exactly where I was at as well. Really hoping Spring will bring a fresh mindset, for both of us! Promoting Gabe is what you need to be doing now and, unfortunately, taxes cannot be avoided. Tackling them certainly adds to the winter blahs. Here is to new ideas and writing focus for you...and good health! Take care of yourself in the face of all the corona around.