Thursday, May 4, 2017

Life Lessons in Tennis

I was sitting watching several of my son's tennis matches yesterday and started thinking how applicable that tennis ball was to life as I watched it thunk back and forth across the net. The back and forth of the tennis ball made me think of the back and forth of my writing life.  Perhaps because there was so much I needed to be home doing at that moment (both writing wise and otherwise), but such is the stage of life I am in right now. I can't miss one of my kid's activities, and I was, technically, now thinking about a blog post in my head.  The back and forth doesn't at all represent the interest in writing for me but rather the commitment to prioritize it.  Thud...making the time to write before anything else.  Thud...doing everything else FIRST in an effort to have a bigger block of time to write only to be left with NO time. Back and forth, back and forth, all the way to the deuce point. What's going to take it...the non-essentials or the writing? One's head controls the choice in the game of tennis. One's head also controls the choice in writing.  So, what's it going to be? Many days, the ball lands squarely in the net and goes nowhere. Today, it was a little more back and forth for me in the productivity department. How about you? Game, set, match! 


  1. Great comparison, Karin. I often wish the days were longer because there's so much to do and sometimes our writing gets pushed to the bottom of the list. I will say, though, to enjoy those tennis games and whatever else your son does. Our children grow up too fast and soon they're out on their own. We can't get back those precious years. I remember all the games and other activities I went to for my sons and also my granddaughters. The stories will still be there, perhaps inspired by your son's activities. That's how I wrote Star of the Team, after watching my granddaughter and her friends playing basketball. Glad you had a productive day. :)

    1. Thank you, Beverly, for the very sage advice! I so agree though admit I sometimes get crabby when I don't accomplish all that I would like. Good stories are definitely found in many activities!