Monday, November 2, 2015

September 2015 Guardian Angel Publishing New Releases

Congratulations to all the talented GAP authors and illustrators of the September releases...

Guardian Angel September 2015 NEW RELEASES

Littlest Angels
Author: Barbara Bockman Illustrations: Eugene Ruble
In Paris, France BonBon gets her wish to go home from the toy store with a child.

Clare’s Christmas Wish
Littlest Angels
Author; Tracey M Cox; Illustrator: Eugene Ruble
Two girls learn the true meaning of Christmas… GIVING.

Gatsby’s Grand Adventures Book 3 Thomas Gainsborough’s “Girl with Pigs”
Author: Barbara Cairns; Illustrator: Eugene Ruble
When Gatsby the art gallery cat explores Thomas Gainsborough’s painting “GIRL WITH PIGS”, strange things happen.

Purple Frog Pajamas
Written and illustrated by San Hoy (Sandra H Sanders
Six year old Joshua has a bed wetting problem. His re-deployed mother gives him a parting gift, a set of pajamas covered with purple frogs.


  1. Congratulations on all the new books. Each one sounds like the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas.