Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Guardian Angel New Releases

Congratulations to the October 2015 Guardian Angel Releases

100 Pecans for Tabitha
Academic Wings
Author: Tracey M. Cox; Illustrator: Eugene Ruble
Tabitha is on the search for 100 pecans. Help her count by 5s to reach her goal and have her favorite treats. Recipes and Pecan info included.

America Bless God— a Children’s Musical
Angelic Harmony
Authors: Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips
Light up your 4th of July with this simple easy-to-perform patriotic children’s musical.

Colby Mouse’s Christmas Gift
Wings of Faith
Author: Barbara Bockman; Illustrator: KC Snider
When Colby Mouse sees the happiness of the people family celebrating Christmas, he yearns to join in the festivities. He gives and receives a gift.

Papillon and the Magic Lamp
Chapbooks for Tweens
Author: Osa Kauffman; Illustrator: Aumi Kauffman Perry
A talking butterfly and a boy embark on an adventure in the desert. They encounter a talking camel, a wily salesman, and a magical lamp.


  1. More neat books. Congratulations to everyone. Hope you have lots of sales. :)