Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Book Review: A Delightful Magical Story

Title: Magical Mea Goes to School
Author: Penelope Anne Cole
Illustrator: Kevin Scott Collier
eBook: 32 Pages
Publisher: Magical Book Works
Published: June 29, 2015
ISBN-10: 194319601X
ISBN-13: 978-1-943196-01-2

Magical Mea Goes to School, written by Penelope Anne Cole and illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier, is a continuation of the story and engaging characters we met in Ms. Cole’s Magical Matthew and Magical Mea books. 

Mea has struggled in the past to use her magical powers for good and had to learn not to be such a trickster with her powers. Now starting 2nd grade, Mea’s brother, Matthew, his friend, Lily, and Grandma Nonie are concerned Mea won’t keep her powers “fixing things” secret and feel she needs additional training. Mea has other ideas and wants more play time so over-schedules her after school hours to avoid her “lessons.” Not that the others should be concerned. Mea shows she is perfectly capable of using her “trickster” magic for good all on her own to “save the day.”

Ms. Cole is wonderful at teaching lessons in a fun way without adult intervention and embeds important messages (“I know I helped them and that’s enough”) in a relatable and fun story kids will love.  Kevin Scott Collier’s vibrant illustrations are terrific and expressive and really bring Ms. Cole’s story and characters to life.

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  1. What a neat idea for a story. Magic, school, a girl who tries to use her magic for good. Sounds like a lot can happen here. Congratulations to Penelope. The cover is perfect too. Congratulations to Kevin. Nice review, Karin. Thanks.

    1. It is a great story, Beverly:) Thanks for stopping by.