Friday, August 14, 2015

Write On

I have found myself spinning in circles (literally and figuratively, it seems) numerous times over the course of these last couple weeks as summer winds down, sports seasons change and work looms ever closer.  There has been a final push this last week as I prepared my therapy room for the upcoming school year before an open house and tried to get myself organized somewhat--though by organization I mean preparing sticky notes and lists of what yet needs to be accomplished.  What has been lacking significantly is writing time which tends to make me cranky...and reading time which also makes me very cranky. 

I started thinking about the times I've committed to writing first before anything else in the day and trying to utilize every block of time, large or small, throughout the day.  Those times were most productive for me, and I definitely need to get back to that state of mind. 

I found this quote this morning on Pinterest (yes, wasting time while waiting for my daughter to finish an MRI) which seems the perfect spring board for a return to productivity...

"You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page.  You can't edit a blank page."  Jodi Picoult

Well, duh!!!  That does, however, require physically writing.  So, as I embark on a new school/work year, I am recommitting myself to a better writing life as well.

If you care to share how your writing life transitions from summer months to school time (regardless of working in a school setting), I would love to hear all about it. 


  1. That is a great quote. I must remember it. Good luck in the new school year. I remember those times well. When I was still teaching I wrote mostly articles for children's magazines. They didn't take a lot of time. Now, there's not a lot of difference for me from summer to the fall. No kids at home, no job to take up my time. I still try to stick to my usual schedule.
    Have a great year.

  2. Thanks, Beverly! I agree it is easier to work on short pieces during the school year. Enjoy the rest of summer and transition to Fall and cooler weather.