Thursday, August 6, 2015

Guardian Angel Publishing New Releases

Congratulations to all authors and illustrators of the August 2015 Guardian Angel Publishing new releases.  Great work! 
You can read and learn more below...

99 Monkeys on a Bus
Littlest Angels
Author-Christine Marie Alemshah
Illustrations Copyright © 2015 Jack Foster
Nobody believed Bobby’s outrageous story about seeing monkeys on a bus, but he persevered and found a way to show everyone they really existed.

A Puddle for Poo
Early Reader Chapter book
Author Mary Vigliante Szydlowski; Illustrator KC Snider
Something has to be done about the Baker's dog, Poo! Her digging, chewing, and bad behavior is driving the neighbors crazy.

Pepé Maurice Pierre, Poodle Extraordinaire
Animals & Pets
Author Kelly Hashway; Illustrator Jack Foster
Pepe is no ordinary French poodle. When Meg enters him a dog show, his differences make him the star of the show.

Academic Wings
written and illustrated by Melissa Ross
On a night time hike with his dad, a young boy overcomes his fear of the dark with the help of an unlikely superhero called Supermoon.

Two House Lilly
Chapbook for Tweens
written and illustrated by Candace Hardy
Lilly Ferris’ life is a calendar of Red Weeks and Blue Weeks as she moves between life with her dad and his new family and her mom and Grandma Ada. It takes a family crisis to convince her that two families isn’t a bad thing.


  1. Looks like a great list of new books. Congratulations to everyone. Thanks for sharing, Karin.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Beverly. It is a great list.