Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Contest Information

The rewards are publication, cash prizes, winners’ certificates, and valuable training in disciplined writing.
 If you enjoy writing mysteries for children and contests,
read on...
Writing to an editor’s specifications is the first hurdle that any writer must clear on the track to publication.
     Yet we hear repeatedly from editors that the majority of manuscripts they receive do not match their guidelines and specifications.
     That’s a huge waste of time and energy for both writers and editors.
     Writing contests also have exact specifications, and that’s why we encourage all writers to enter contests as often as they can. Contests are excellent professional training experiences.
Get published and read by others 
      A winning entry can get you published, and often some healthy prize money too.
     The winning entries in this Early Reader Mystery Writing Contest will be announced in a September eNews newsletter, which we will email free to all entrants.
     In addition, we will publish the winning entries on our website.
Win one of five cash prizes
      The contest offers five cash prizes: $500 for the winner, $250 for second place, and $100 for third, fourth, and fifth places. These alone are a lot of good reasons to write and enter.
     To enter our Early Reader Mystery writing contest, submit an original, unpublished early reader mystery story, of 700 words or less. Early readers are defined as ages 5 to 7, children beginning to read entire stories on their own, stretching their recognition of words and concepts, but likely to need some assistance from an adult. Entries should not be for reading by an adult to a child.
      Submissions will be judged on story line, characterization, and freshness, but also on structure, grammar, and ultimate publishability. Mysteries should be well-constructed, and have a strong point-of-view character. The mystery must be one that an early reader can grasp and potentially solve: It must be age-appropriate.
Entries must be received by July 18, 2015
     Entries must be received by July 18, 2015. All entries pay a reading fee of $15, which includes a free eBook: Powerhouses of Children’s Publishing.

     The contest rules are important. Please read them carefully.
     Now warm up your computer and write a mystery for early readersand win $500.00!
     Above all—have some fun with this contest. Good luck.
Entries are submitted online
We have developed a safe and secure web page for your contest entry and manuscript submission. It is easy to use.
     When you have your manuscript ready, you will submit your entry and reading fee at the same time. Please click here to continue to the entry page on our website.
     You will first be directed to the section requiring the pre-payment of a $15 reading fee. The submission of the manuscript entry will follow the payment of the entry fee.
     Receipt of your entry will be acknowledged by email.



  1. Sounds like a great contest. I don't have anything that fits the description though. If you're entering, good luck.

  2. I don't either and, as much as I love to read a good mystery, I don't seem very capable of writing it.