Friday, February 28, 2014

New Releases

Guardian Angel Publishing

February 2014 Releases


A Rainbow of Birds Academic Wings by Janet Halfmann, Illustrations  by Jack Foster

Birds have their legends just like people do, and baby birds love to hear the stories. Papa Cardinal, whose job it is to pass down bird ways to his chicks, tells them the story of how birds gave the world the rainbow. It’s a tale of fun and squabbles and magic! 


Cricket & Snail Guardian Angel Animals & Pets by Mel McIntyre, Illustrations  by Eugene Ruble

Does slow and steady always win the race? Find out how two very different creatures try to outdo each other in a friendly contest, jumping and climbing and using their natural talents in the best way they can … with surprising results.


Frederick Lost and Found Guardian Angel Animals & Pets hardcover and softcover

by John Robinson Perry, Illustrations Aumi Perry
Frederick has a good life as a magician's rabbit.  But when he decides he can do better on his own, he takes an unexpected adventure that will change him forever. 


Grandma Has to Go Away Wings of Faith hardcover and softcover 

by Nancy Hughes, illustrations by Doug Kirkpatrick

Written for children who have experienced the loss of a loved one, Gracie’s mother shows her a gift from Grandma that will comfort and give them hope as they miss her in the days and weeks ahead. Includes music and a song.


Grandma’s Treasures Early Chapbook for Tweens by Judith J Miller, illustration by Alexandra Lillis

On one of the worst days of her life, Jennifer returns to the woods to find her and grandmother’s buried treasure from two years ago. Finding the buried treasure, she realizes the real treasure are memories that will bring back thoughts of happy times spent with her grandmother, memories that will never be buried by time.

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