Friday, February 21, 2014

Lightning Bolts

I was catching up on some blog and newsletter reading today.  I know I've mentioned this in the past, but you should consider following Kristi Holl if you don't.  She is a wealth of information, encouragement and inspiration presented always from a very realistic view point.  Visit her here:

In one of her posts, Kristi was talking about how real writers, those not just doing so as a hobby, can't wait for their muse to speak but must write regardless of their level of creativity (or lack thereof).  I realized I am very guilty of that.  I want the lightning bolt to hit me, to shower me with a big burst of creativity.  I'm not very creative in general so really rely on those moments of clarity when I can envision a new ms or good edits to a current WIP.  I always feel stagnant or shut down if I try to force it just to say I'm writing.  However, that often means I am procrastinating with all the other mundane or necessary items that need to be addressed rather than writing.  I pray for a lot of lightning bolts and often beg my muse to rear her head somehow, in some way, just to give me a nudge; however, I now realize I've spent way too much time waiting and too little time doing and desperately need to focus.

When I needed inspiration on the exercise front, I came up with a mantra I could repeat over and over as needed to give me strength and perseverance, and it worked.  "I can go the distance."  It doesn't seem to fit for my writing.  I'm staring at a blank wall in front of my computer screen and thinking about stenciling a saying there for constant reinforcement and encouragement, but I'm struggling with the right words.  Do you have a mantra or set of words to write by you would be willing to share?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on what does (or does not) work for you.

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