Thursday, June 21, 2012


I was updating my daily planner this morning and found a section I didn't even know was there.  It discussed The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  I bought the book by the same name years ago and still have not read it all nor have I paid much attention to the daily habit lessons adorning the bottom of my calendar pages.  It sounded like a great idea when I ordered the calendar; however, it seems to get lost in the shuffle as each day rolls by. 

As I sat reading this morning, it made me really think about habits, both good and bad, as it applies to my writing.  Stephen Covey said, "Habits are patterns of behavior that involve three overlapping components:  desire, knowledge, and skill.  Because these three components are learned rather than inherited, effective habits can be learned and ineffective habits can be unlearned."

Makes sense to has the desire to write, spends a great deal of time gaining the knowledge needed to develop the skill to do so well.  Each and every one of us has his/her own habits in terms of writing.  Mine continue to be hit-and-miss during these summer days and nights filled with ball games, tennis matches and softball tournaments; but I am always thinking of the next story and paying attention to all the happenings around me to shape into my next WIP.  Which leads me to the next tidbit I found interesting this morning. 

Covey's Habit 2 is Begin with the End in Mind.  In discussing this habit, Covey indicated it is based on, "imagination--the ability to envision in your mind what you cannot at present see with your eyes."  He further said that first one creates something mentally and then does so physically.  This spoke to the writer in me so much as this is what we do.  We get the inspiration from our imagination (or an actual life event) and "create" the idea in our mind before physically taking pen to paper (or hands to keyboard). 

So, now I am trying to focus on the imagination and mental creation of ideas for stories and articles in these busy summer times in hopes there will be a quiet moment sometime soon after to address the physical creation.

I'd love to hear what good (or bad) habits work or don't work for you if you are willing to share.

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