Monday, March 5, 2012

Your True Self

I recently started reading Cecil Murphey's book, UNLEASH THE WRITER WITHIN. I'm not very far into it but wanted to share a few wise words. Mr. Murphey focuses not only on improving writing in this book but on figuring out who we are and not forgetting our true self in the writing process.

He says, "I write to find out who I am...I write because it is a gift." He further suggests, "your most honest writing becomes your best writing."

It was in reading his words, albeit not very many thus far, that I realized I've lost sight of the true reason I started writing in the first place. It was the sheer love of writing and the urge to create a sense of desire to read and a love of books in children that drove me to my first ICL course.

In the recent past, it has become more of a chore to balance all that goes into it...maintaining a presence to generate interest and increase publication chances, marketing, reading job boards, creating resumes, etc. All of these things are a necessary evil in a writer's life; however, I am now going to try to separate out just the writing in terms of how I look at it all. I will write from the heart honestly and, in the process, figure out who I am as a writer and the rest, hopefully, will fall into place.

I look forward to finishing this book and "unleashing the writer within." Please share your means of creating your most authentic voice.

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