Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Job Boards and Assignments

I've blogged in (somewhat) recent past about the struggle between all the "need to do" things to develop and maintain a successful freelance writing career and finding time to just plain write. I'm attempting to find a balance between both and have been somewhat more successful this week.

One of the things I've been told to spend some solid time on to pursue a freelance career which generates income (which is, ultimately, the goal of most writers) is to check job boards and search for assignments. I've spent a little time on this though must say am struggling to find anything that seems a good fit. Thus far, the MorningCoffee Freelance Writing Jobs Newsletter is the main one I've explored as someone recommended it a while ago.

Are there others any of you find productive to warrant your time? I'd love any input in this regard if you are willing to share what you consider a good investment in time and effort.

Thank you so much!

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