Monday, October 25, 2010

Writing Time

Today's passage in WALKING ON ALLIGATORS includes words from Margaret Atwood. She discusses the terror of a blank page inspiring her to write and how she had times of procrastinating and worrying until such time as the anxiety to write kicked in.

Reading the passage that followed Ms. Atwood's words, I was struck by the truth that one needs to write when he/she has time to write and to make that time to write if needed. The author of the book, Susan Shaughnessy, talked about how we shouldn't be so quick to envy full-time writers as it is often too easy to procrastinate and do other things rather than write. Whereas if one has only one specific hour a day to write, he/she is going to write during that time and not be hindered by the anxiety of not writing the rest of the day, therefore, increasing productivity. She suggests those few hours "may save you days of dithering." I chuckled heartily reading the word "dithering" as it so aptly describes me and how I approach many of my writing days. It is too easy to be pulled in the many other directions that call rather than to sit, butt in chair, and write. So...I will follow Ms. Shaughnessy's words and...

"Today, I'll accept the fact that there's no easy way to buckle down. I will write anyway."

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