Monday, May 10, 2010


As I sat here contemplating the state of my day and where to begin, I saw something I printed out last week and highlighted. I was feeling sorry for myself as there is so much I need to do around the house that is going to eat into my writing time today, but I can't seem to get focused enough to tackle any writing projects without first tackling the chaos around me. The dust bunnies are out of control and multiplying like guppies; sheets need to be washed; piles of laundry have accumulated from a weekend softball tournament; bags need to be unpacked from the same--you get the idea! I pulled out my pile of writing projects to work on and saw one of the motivational pieces from last week that I received as part of Suzanne Lieurance's The Morning Nudge Club titled "It's All About Focus." What I have highlighted is this..."There will ALWAYS be something that eats up your writing time if you let it." So true, so true! Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a way today to get focused on my writing without first attempting to get some organization in the chaos around me. I am going to succumb to that need in hopes of having more time to get focused on my writing the rest of the week. This is a delicate balance for writers when "work" is in the home. Some days I seem better able to put my blinders on so to speak and ignore the things that need to be done around me. Some days, I can't. I guess this is one of those. How do you manage the balance?


  1. Karin...don't be so hard on yourself. I too get the same feeling. If there is chaos around me I can't get a grip and concentrate. As long as you don't make it a habit, one day off is fine.

    Warmest regards,

  2. Thanks, Donna! Your words of wisdom always make me feel better.

    Have a great writing week.



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