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April is National Poetry Month, so I think it only fitting to kick off the celebration by sharing a press release and my review of The School of Life's upcoming release (new to the US), AN EMOTIONAL MENAGERIE:  Feelings From A to Z.



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An Engaging Exploration of Childhood Feelings and Emotional Literacy

Through Enchanting Poetry and Stunning Illustrations






“At a time of huge uncertainty, this is an engaging way to get young children to talk about their emotions.”  

--The Independent (London) in a round up of the best motivational books for children


A stunning book for the whole family to enjoy.”

--Armadillo Children’s Books


"Friendly and accessible… a great starting point for a discussion about emotions"

--Youth Services Book Review

Emotions are like animals:
No two are quite the same.
Some are quiet; some are fierce;
And all are hard to tame.

Inside this book there’s twenty-six

Emotions you might feel

Arranged alphabetically

From anger to zeal.



AN EMOTIONAL MENAGERIE: Feelings From A to Z (The School of Life Press Hardcover; April 2021; full-page color illustrations; Ages 5+) is a beautifully-illustrated emotional glossary for children, with 26 rhyming poems, arranged alphabetically, that brings feelings to life—Anger, Boredom, Curiosity, Dreaminess, Embarrassment, Fear, Guilt, and more. The poems transform each emotion into a different animal to provide a clear and engaging illustration of its character: how it arises; how it makes us behave and how we can learn to manage its effects. Boasting a rich vocabulary, the poems also give kids a wide variety of options for describing their feelings to others.

Children experience all sorts of emotions: sometimes going through several very different ones before breakfast. Yet they can struggle to put these feelings into words. An inability to understand and communicate their moods can lead to unpredictable behavior, deep frustration and a whole host of difficulties further down the line. Like adults, they need help to recognize and verbalize their feelings. The greater their emotional vocabulary, the more likely they are to grow into happy, healthy and fulfilled adults.  AN EMOTIONAL MENAGERIE helps children to:


·      Cultivate self-expression and self-reliance

·      Feel seen and heard

·      Increase compassion for themselves and others

·      Understand why identifying and labeling emotions is important

·      Use expressive words in their daily vocabulary

·      Explore complicated feelings in a fun, accessible way


Filled with wise, therapeutic advice, brought to life through musical language and lush illustrations and perfect for reading aloud, AN EMOTIONAL MENAGERIE is an imaginative, gratifying way of increasing emotional literacy. 

AN EMOTIONAL MENAGERIE is published by The School of Life, whose recent best-selling titles, Big Ideas for Curious Minds and Happy, Healthy Minds have resonated with readers (kids and adults) worldwide. A global organization helping people lead more fulfilled lives, The School of Life is a rapidly growing brand, with over 6 million YouTube subscribers, 345,900 Facebook followers, 211,000 Instagram followers and 162,900 Twitter followers.  Its publishing arm, The School of Life Press, brings together a compendium of The School of Life's vast body of work, under the direction of its series editor and reigning master of modern-day philosophy, Alain de Botton. Publishing books for children and adults, all of The School of Life titles share a coherent, curated message that speaks with one voice: calm, reassuring, and balanced. The School of Life has published a range of titles, games and resources that connect kids with their passions and engage critical thinking.



The School of Life Press

Hardcover with illustrated color images

Reading age: 5+

ISBN-13 : 978-1912891245


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I very much enjoyed this book. My review follows:




Title:  AN EMOTIONAL MENAGERIE:  Feelings From A To Z

Publisher: The School of Life, 2020 (First Published in the USA, 2021)

Hardcover with Illustrated Colored Images (Illustrated by Rachel Saunders)

ISBN-13:  978-1-912891-24-5

Reading Age: 5+


AN EMOTIONAL MENAGERIE:  FEELINGS FROM A TO Z is a motivational, inspiring and educational book that teaches about emotions by helping kids not only understand how they are feeling but also giving them the vocabulary to communicate it to others. 26 rhyming poems pair emotions with animals throughout the alphabet from A (anger) to Z (zeal) and provide terrific advice for kids and adults alike. The poems and messages contained within them are presented in a fun, appealing manner to which kids can easily relate. The animals are a perfect fit for the paired emotions and make it easier for kids to understand the depths of the emotions they experience.


Ms. Saunders illustrations are beautifully vibrant and bring the text and emotions to life. This book is perfect for kids ages 5-6 and above.


For further information, visit, Twitter @TheSchoolOfLife and Instagram @theschooloflifelondon.


DISCLAIMER:  I received a copy of this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review. This review consists of my honest opinions, not influenced by anyone in any way. 


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