Monday, January 6, 2020

Picture Book Inspiration

In the start of a new week, in the beginning of a new month, at the dawn of a new year and commencement of a new decade, where do you find your inspiration? This fun puzzle was great fuel for the creative fire for me. I believe I will shellac it and hang it on my wall for continued incentive.

How many of these classics have you read? Which are your favorite? I would be hard pressed to pick just one though would probably say THE GIVING TREE followed closely by GOODNIGHT MOON and WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Any all time favorites you feel are missing?

Wishing you all renewed and continued inspiration and fruitful writing in the new year.


  1. My eyes are so bad I can't read the titles, but I love picture books. They're so colorful and happy. I like Where the Wild Things Are, too. Haven't read any in awhile. Mm, maybe I should. Thanks.

  2. I love picture books, too! They are very colorful and happy. Funny how a cover draws the eye:) Yes, there are some wonderful picture books to read, both the classic and the new.