Monday, August 26, 2019

So, my last post was about lack of time versus lack of direction. Clearly, I've suffered both lack of time and direction as of late as it has been a month since my last post. I could make all the normal vacations, getting ready for the return to school and work, taking my daughter to school for the start of her freshman year in college, preparing to send my oldest off for her senior year in college, etc. And all are true. And all have impacted my writing time. Or shall I say I have allowed all to impact my writing time. I have very much enjoyed my family focused time this summer and feel somewhat renewed but know it is high time to kick it into gear and get busy again.

Most imminent are finalizing edits on my current WIPs and preparing for our regional SCBWI conference in September as well as getting back to regularly reading and blogging. 

How about you? Did you find yourself veering off course this summer? If so, I hope you enjoyed the diversions and also feel a sense of renewal; however, I would love to hear your strategies for re-grouping and getting back on course for better productivity and writing focus. Please, if you are so inclined, do share what works for you.

Happy writing all!


  1. I remember those busy, busy days, but now that I'm retired from teaching my summers are pretty much like the rest of the year. My time is mostly my time. My boys were already on their own when I started writing. Not much help from me. I do try to stick to a schedule. Tiger and I take a walk around 8 AM. Writing from 9 AM to noon. Lunch. Nap (some days) More writing or reviewing or posting on Internet. Or whatever else needs to be done. No special order. Maybe outside again with the kitties and the dog. You see how organized I'm not. I need to work on it.

    1. It is nice to be able to dictate your own schedule, Beverly. And it seems to be working for you quite well!! Thanks for sharing your insight!