Thursday, January 24, 2019


HELP! I have a major issue.  Is there anyone out there reading this that uses a Mac and has updated the operating system to Mojave? I have a MacBook Air and updated to Mojave a week or two ago--don't ask me why as I am REALLY kicking myself right now!

Since that time, I have been unable to fully log into my blog and, therefore, cannot reply to any comments others have posted on my blog nor comment on other blogs that use Blogger.  I am unsure if this is an issue with Blogger or Google.

As you can see, I can post a new entry.  When I sign in using my google account, it shows I am logged into Blogger and can go to my reading list and read those I am following though cannot comment on any of those entries.  I can type a comment, but it will not post and, when I select comment via my google account (which is my only option), my picture is not there and it will not post the comment.  It is on this screen I can use the New Post button to post a new entry; however, when I go to the View Blog button, it takes me back to the main screen but I'm no longer logged in.  Grrrrr!!!!

I have noticed a difference in what I typically see when posting as my picture used to be there coinciding with my google account but is not any longer.  Also, the one time I was able to comment on someone's post, it gave me the option to manually do so with my name or anonymously and worked when I used my name though then did not work the next time I tried it.  I haven't seen that option again.  I have been able to comment on blogs hosted by Wordpress though it has been sketchy.

How is that for clear as mud???

I have researched issues with Mojave and sent Help requests--all to no avail.  Clearly, technology and I do not get along:(  Is there anyone with knowledge of this issue able to provide some insight regarding how I might rectify it before I lose my marbles?

I apologize to all those I typically comment on as I have been repeatedly trying with no success.  I thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


  1. Wish I could help, but I haven't a clue. Hope someone will know the answer. Good luck.

    1. I wish you could too, Beverly:(. My daughter is trying to figure it out right now.

  2. Holy moly, folks, my daughter just saved my life. Back in business, I think!