Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Books make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.  If you need to help Santa fill stockings in your house this Christmas season, Bedtime Kisses and Little Bug may be perfect for your little one.

Mommy will be here really soon, but first I'll plant some kisses on my friends around the begins a different type counting book for little ones.

Persistence pays in the end as Little Bug crawls to find a morsel of food, a drink of water and a place to rest.  Teaches about concepts and prepositions.

Autographed copies available.


  1. Yes, I can see little eyes smiling when they open these stories. A gift that lasts a lifetime. Merry Christmas, Karin. May your stocking be filled with love and a good new year.

    1. Oh, Beverly, thank you so much! Your ongoing support means the world! Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. Have a blessed holiday season and may 2017 bring all things wonderful!

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