Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Exciting New Guardian Angel Publishing Releases

October 2016 Guardian Angel Releases

Coby Ryan Harris is Officially Fat!
Chapbook for Tweens
by Joni Klein-Higger, Flora Zaken-Greenberg, Ph.D.
An inspiring novel about Coby Ryan Harris, a smart and funny seventh-grade boy who overcomes the challenges of childhood obesity, bullying, girls, and divorce.

Once Twice Thrice
Academic Wings
by Kim Chatel; Illustrations by Kathleeen Bullock
Once Twice Thrice is a loving and humorous look at a father trying to explain plurals to his child. Names of groups of animals to learn about, too.

Something to Crow About- A Children’s Easter Musical
Angelic Harmony
by Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips
Crow the rooster is an eyewitness the night Peter denied Jesus, but no one has ever heard his account until now.

Too Big
Chapbook for Tweens
by Judith Dearborn Nill
Shelby Bradshaw hopes to escape the ridicule she endures for being the biggest girl in her class by skipping fifth grade, but her problems worsen as she tries to act older than she is.


  1. Wonderful profile of terrific new releases! Good luck to one and all!

  2. What lovely books. Each one touches on an interesting subject that young readers today may need. Congratulations to the authors. Best of luck.