Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Renewed Energy

Last weekend was our regional SCBWI Dakotas conference.  Terrific speakers, networking with other authors and illustrators from our region and hearing from others about their writing lives has brought renewed energy and focus to my own writing life.  I'm excited to embark on the edits necessary with my current WIPs as well as start the new stories rolling around in my brain begging to be written.

I have seen this wonderful quote before but saw it again recently post-conference.  It just re-affirmed why I do what I do.  As many of you know, many believe writing for kids is a piece of cake because it can't possibly be hard to write such short books for kids.  HA! As many of you also know, it is very hard to write tight, short books that kids will love to read over and over again and parents will agree to read to kids over and over again.  That is why reading quotes like Ms. L'Engle's is always so affirming.

I would love to hear your stories about those you've encountered who think writing for kids is something anyone can do and how you handle those sentiments when they do arise should you be willing to share.


  1. Have fun with your WIP and all the new ideas in your head. Yes, every writer ought to try writing a book for children and see how "easy" it is. Ha. Good luck with your stories.