Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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Dee and Deb Off They Go: Kindergarten First Day Jitters Review

by Donna M. McDine

Title: Dee and Deb Off They Go: Kindergarten First Day Jitters
Category: Children’s Picture Book
Author: Donna M. McDine
Illustrator: Jack Foster
Print ISBN: 9781616336998
eBook ISBN: 9781616337001
Published: Guardian Angel Publishing, December 2015
Dee and Deb Off They Go is an endearing story to which all children can relate, whether or not they are a twin, as they take the big step to full time student. Twin sisters, Dee and Deb, are about to be separated for the first time ever on their first day of Kindergarten. Ms. McDine’s voice paints a realistic picture of first day jitters and creates characters and a school experience which is easily relatable for kids. She does an excellent job of hitting the high points of what matters most to children this age—a friend to play and interact with in school and what happens entering a classroom not knowing anyone, and in this case without your best twin sister-friend, and having to choose a buddy from a sea of unfamiliar faces. Ms. McDine’s story reassures and helps kids be less concerned about what they will face as they begin their school journey. Dee and Deb is a delightful read that will leave children more excited than nervous for their first big day of Kindergarten.  
Mr. Foster’s colorful and detailed illustrations almost leap off the page and really bring the story to life, drawing the reader fully into Dee and Deb’s adventure. The reader feels Dee and Deb’s anxiety and excitement with each flip of the page. 
Well done, Donna McDine and Jack Foster. A must read for all children preparing for the beginning of their school career.
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  1. Karin, thank you for your heartwarming review and never ending support! Warmly, Donna

    1. You are more than welcome, Donna. Looking forward to holding Dee and Deb in my hand when released.