Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Beautifully Touching Story


Papa's Suns, written by Kevin McNamee and illustrated by Samantha Bell (Guardian Angel Publishing, June 2015), is an endearing story showing the love and affection between a boy, Jacob, and his grandfather, Papa.  Papa and Jacob enjoy spending time and doing simple things together like drawing.  Papa creates many wonderful drawings, but Papa's suns are Jacob's favorite.  Papa uses repetition in making his suns ("first we make a circle...") which is a great learning tool for children.  One day, Jacob learns Papa is in the hospital after having a stroke.  Mr. McNamee does a very nice job explaining stroke (only half his face moving and the other droopy with trouble speaking), rehab ("that's where they taught his body how to work again") and recovery ("his body is still learning how to do things again") in terms children can understand which is very helpful for any struggling to understand what happens when a family member or loved one suffers a stroke.  Ms. Bell's illustrations are so realistic with such terrific detail and really bring the story and characters alive.  Children and adults alike will cherish Papa's Suns, a wonderful story showing how, while some things in life change, others stay the same, like the love and bonds between Papa and Jacob and even the simple things enjoyed together, like drawing.  Great work!
Disclosure:  I received this book from the author but this review consists of my honest opinions, not influenced in any way by the author or publisher.

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