Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I was reading posts on Facebook this morning looking for something someone told me about and saw the following quote a friend shared.  It seemed so true of not only life in general but of writing specifically as we, as writers, often feel the need to get out of our comfort zone, so to speak.  The quote was shared from Toby Mac but was attributed to Abraham Maslow...

"in any given moment we have two options:  to step forward into growth or to step back into safety."

Wow!  This is so true of so many things and something I strive to help my kids learn as I am not always the best at it.  I know I produce much better writing when I take a risk and push beyond what is comfortable though it can be very difficult and scary to do so.  The same goes for must have a passion (or multiple passions) that help create and define who he/she is in this world and strive to always be the best one can be at whatever those passions may be rather than taking the easy and/or comfortable way out. 

Do you have a difficult time taking a risk or pushing forward rather than falling back into the safe or comfortable thing to do?  I'd love to hear what works for you if you are inclined to share.

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