Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Value of Life

I was trying to get organized for the week this morning, and a quote in my writer's calendar struck me.  We think so much about all the stuff going on around us as a detractor to being successful at writing, or at least at finding the time to try to be.  However, David Brin says this...

"If you have other things in your life--family, friends, good productive day work--then these can interact with your writing and the sum will be all the richer."

Well now, what a novel idea!  It is all the sum parts of our lives that come together and give fodder for our writing and enrich it in ways beyond what would be without it.  So, then, the question does one use the sum parts of our lives and not let them be a distraction to our writing time? 

I, for one, would love to hear how it works for you as it is a never ending challenge for me!


  1. Sound advice! Once we start treating our writing as a consistent paycheck, others around us will absorb that and appreciate our writing time more so.

  2. I set aside a time after lunch to work on my creative writing. That seems to work the best for me and I treat it as if it is an appointment that I have to keep. Granted, not everyday, but after morning chores and responsibilities are taken care of, I really look forward to that writing time. Find out what time of day works best for you. Best wishes!

  3. Sound advice from both of you, Donna and J Q! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. I do like the idea of after lunch as well as I seem to need an organized house and area to be productive.

  4. Never be without something to write down ideas: iPhone, back of store receipt, hand. :-) Have done all three. Paper napkins are cool, too and bigger, but Sharpies bleed on those.

  5. Great advice, thank you so much! I try to do so though always seem to be without the writing utensil or paper when really needed. Will use my hand in those times:) Thank you for visiting!