Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Cecil Murphey continues to speak to me in UNLEASH THE WRITER WITHIN.  The chapters I read today were discussing honoring one's voice and staying true to it. 

Murphey suggests, "each of us has a distinct tone and manner of speaking or writing."  He talks of an experiment he did with readers at a conference whereby he had attendees read paragraphs aloud and try to determine which he wrote.  All guessed correctly which affirmed the importance that, "your voice is your voice."  I found this an interesting experiment.  Do you think others would be able to find consistency in your writing when read aloud? To hear your voice in all of your work?  I'm not sure I am truly honoring my "voice" that consistently yet.

Murphey further suggests too many writers feel they need to imitate others rather than honoring their own voice.  I found myself thinking of writers, we want to touch others, to speak to their hearts, make them want to keep reading our work and know our voice.  How does one do this? According to Murphey, it is by, "writing with your true voice...write with honesty, vulnerability, and with risk."  This can't be taught, he goes on to say.  We, as writers, must listen and work to hear our inner voice and then use it in our writing.  For, "the true voice is the heart of good writing.  It's more than techniques or the ability to write in more than one genre.  It's the ability to accept your voice as valuable and to use it." 

I believe finding one's voice as valuable is crucial to this equation.  It is in finding value and taking the risk to share that value with others that allows us to celebrate our voice and let it speak to other's in our writing.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on honoring one's voice if you are inclined to share!

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