Monday, March 31, 2014

New Releases from Guardian Angel Publishing

Guardian Angel Publishing

March 2014 Releases



Academic Wings Author & Illustrator Eugene Ruble

Book Two—Join Professor Hoot as he explores more ancient arts and artifacts. The art, tools, and text represent various cultures and development from ancient eras, including fossils, too.


Lana Tries Yoga  

Health & Hygiene Author & Illustrator Roey Ebert Hardcover Softcover 

Follow Lana as she tries to capture the sunlight when it journeys to the 4 corners of the earth. The story centered yoga routine is simple for children to remember and fun for children to reenact. 


Lily and the Return to Htrae

Wings of Faith Author Lindsay Bonilla; Illustrator Alexander Morris

Lily returns to the darkness of Htrae to take the King’s message from the City of Light. Even though she doesn’t think she can fulfill this mission, with the help of Ruah she embarks on the difficult task of inviting others to the great forgotten city.


Real Mysterious Easter Eggs

Academic Wings

Author: Patricia Karwatowicz, Illustrator: Kathleen Bullock

Noah and Isabela take a journey in Great Grandmother’s kitchen to discover the Easter story by coloring eggs Grandmother’s “old-timey-way.” Color meanings help them learn more about who Jesus is and who they are.


Rip the night engine: The Rolling Along Train Series Book 1

Littlest Angels Author Melanie Lutes, Illustrator Eugene Ruble

Rip, the night engine, constantly worries about his passenger’s comfort on overnight train rides. He knows bench seating is not comfortable for sleeping. His cars are redesigned as Pullman Palace cars equipped with sleeping compartments. He finally lives up to his name that means Rest In Pillows.


There's a Lion in the House

Animals & Pets Author Mary Esparza-Vela, Illustrator Jack Foster

A young rabbit loves to tease his older brothers. He goes off into the woods by himself and boasts that he’s not afraid of anything. One night, he hears a lion roar in the house.  He tells his brothers, but they ignore him


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