Monday, October 8, 2012


I was getting back to MARGIN by Richard A. Swenson this morning as it was a beautiful morning, and I wanted to sit on my deck a bit before getting to work on my current WIP.  The chapter I was reading dealt with overload and exceeding our limits or "threshold."  Swenson states that overload occurs whenever "the requirements upon us exceed that which we are able to bear."

He talked of all the burdens placed upon us in this day and age such as, "one more option, one more commitment, one more expectation, one more purchase, one more debt, one more change, one more job, one more decision."

The more things we add lead us to exceed our threshold and, thereby, result in "disorganization and frustration."  This is certainly obvious in my life--one need only note the length of time since my last post.  Swenson argues that it is not the "details" which are the problem but rather the "exceeding" which results in overload.

This certainly seems to be true.  Any one thing, or few things, can be manageable in and of themselves but, all thrown together, can result in the overwhelming feeling of "Calgon, take me away!"

What I read this morning coupled with the lovely Fall weather today helped me put it all in perspective and take one thing at a time.  We'll see what tomorrow brings, but for today, at least, I was successful at editing my ms and preparing it for submission which is what I wanted to accomplish.

Are you managing the "details" or becoming overwhelmed by "overload?"  Please share your story and what works for you.

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