Monday, October 3, 2011


On the advice of the very wise Kristi Holl, I've recently started reading Richard A. Swenson's MARGIN. Swenson states, "Margin is the space that once existed between ourselves and our limits." He discusses the state of the lives of many, that of "marginless living," in that the day to day activities and obligations zap the margin right out of our lives. Thus far, I've read only the first chapter but can tell that it is going to be money well spent. On the very first page, I came across the following which is so definitive of daily life, especially so for busy parents trying to find that ever-elusive balance. It brought me some clarity, and I hope it will you also.

"Marginless is fatigue; margin is energy.
Marginless is red ink; margin is black ink.
Marginless is hurry; margin is calm.
Marginless is anxiety; margin is security.
Marginless is culture; margin is counterculture.
Marginless is the disease of the new millennium; margin is its cure."

If you've read MARGIN and can speak to the benefits you reaped, please share.

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