Monday, April 11, 2011

The Writing Life

I've just started reading PAGE AFTER PAGE by Heather Sellers based on a recommendation I read. Thus far, I've read only the first two chapters but came across a wonderful nugget of inspiration this morning I wanted to share.

Ms. Sellers says, "My writing life was, and is, in every hour of my life."

Seems simple, doesn't it? As writers, we write. We read, we study, we market, we network, and we write. But, as I read the words above, I realized how much I compartmentalize my writing. I designate certain times of certain days to be "writing time." I work around the same obligations every other writer does but realized I often switch off the writer in me while focusing on the other parts of life--kids, husband, work obligations, household chores, etc. Every now and again, something will hit me during these non-writer times that I make note of, but, all too often, my writer self is not paying enough attention and, therefore, misses what could very well be wonderful story opportunities and ideas.

So, from now on, I am going to focus on leaving that switch on at all times to be in that writing life "in every hour of my life."

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