Monday, March 21, 2011

Please Stand Up

This morning, I read a passage in WALKING ON ALLIGATORS that discussed having a vision as well as the importance of the person with the vision standing up and having faith in that vision. Susan Shaughnessy discussed the importance of standing up for your vision despite sometimes being surrounded by people that don't support or understand your vision. Standing up can mean opening yourself up to criticism and discomfort, but, as writers, this is what we must do. She goes on to say, "In a vision, you visualize yourself as the person you want to steadily become. If that person is a writer, standing up means writing. It means writing every day."

So, I charge the writer you visualize yourself to be. Stand up (or sit down!) and write. Write despite any criticism or lack of understanding directed at you. Just write! Today, tomorrow and each day thereafter. I plan to do so.


  1. Thank you! I am the kind of writer who runs things around in my head until I nearly drive myself crazy. SO--just write! :)

  2. Simple as BIC:-) Too bad it isn't always that simple. I do the same. I think, if we could remove all the thinking and just write, we'd all be better off--at least, I would!