Monday, February 28, 2011

Rhythm & Rhyme

Do any of you write in rhyme? I am working on final edits on a PB I have and need some work on the rhythm and rhyme. I've received some wonderful articles from Margot Finke and have all of her books to read and study; however, I also wanted to see if there are other helpful books/articles/websites out there I should explore. If you have something to share, please do. I'd be most grateful to you for helping BEDTIME KISSES see the light of day on a book store shelf one day.

Thanks and happy writing!


  1. Hi, Karin, Have someone who has not read the ms. before read it out loud. Are there places where they falter or where the stress is not quite right? Those are the areas that need to be fixed. Another thing I try (that doesn't work with all mss.) is to put it to a tune and sing it. Do the words fit without smashing them all into one note? That will help your rhythm and keep it consistent. Best wishes with this!!

  2. Thanks, Jane! The words play a tune in my head over and over...and over and over...:-) I do need to let someone (besides my 7 year old son!) read it aloud to me. Thanks for the suggestion and have a wonderful day.